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Terra di Tutti Art Festival

For nine years the Terra di Tutti Film Festival (TTFF) brings in Bologna documentaries and social cinema from the southern hemisphere, with the aim of giving visibility to the situation in those countries, peoples and social struggles that are "invisible" in mainstream communication. The purpose is to provide a critical view on the South, without rhetoric, censorship or pietism, with a  clear, responsive and never resigned eye to the realities around us.

TTFF is promoted by NGOs operating in the field of international development cooperation, GVC (Civil Voluntary Group) and COSPE (Cooperation for the Development of Emerging Countries), which select documentaries and films on the struggle for equal rights, gender equality, defense of freedom, citizenship and environmental and ecological awareness.

For the 2015, European Year of Development, TTFF has been chosen to offer  a wider public - especially young people - the opportunity to discuss the relationship between migration and development, seeking to discuss the global and local implications, on new models of cooperation promoted by immigrant communities. For this reason the TTFF has become an Art Festival and was promoted within the Amitie Code Project, expanding the horizons of the Terra di Tutti Film Festival to all project partner Countries and  employing  a variety of artistic forms to reflect on the relationship between migration and development, cultural diversity and promotion of human rights.

Through a public competition, addressed to European associations, 12 projects dedicated to social rights, community and collaboration have been selected. The protagonists of these projects  use a variety of artistic forms that, for the first time are employed in the festival: comics, music, audio-video installations, dance, theater, sports and show-cooking.

The Festival took place from 7th  to 11th of  October 2015. One of the first proposed activities was the conference "MIGRATION TO EUROPE: CULTURE MEDIA AND HUMAN RIGHTS" which was attended by all the European partners of Amitie Code project, coming from: France, Germany, Latvia, Portugal and Spain. The meeting was also an opportunity  to illustrate what they did during the previous Amitie project.


You can see the video documenting the festival activities following this link. The video is in Italian with English subtitles


Join  the Amitie Code Project: send your point of view on migration, development and human rights, and tell us your thoughts on these 12 communications projects.

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