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The training in Toulouse successfully delivered








In the framework of the AMITIE CODE project, the City of Toulouse organised from December 2016 to June2017 a training course targeting all professionals operating with youths aged 14 to 19.

Delivered by ADRIC –Agence pour le Développement des Relations Interculturelles pour la Citoyenneté (Inter-cultural Relations for Citizenship Agency) – the course aimed at raising awareness, informing and training on the issues of the project.

Besides a geopolitical history of migrations, accompanied by personal testimonies, and the analysis of the contribution of migrants to local and national economy, the training, based on both theory and practice, dealt with inter-cultural diversity in Europe, gave some practical tools to raise awareness among youths on these issues and fostered a broad exchange of experiences.

Organised in 5 modules, the training was delivered over 10 days, given the high number of registrations, that made it necessary to double the offer: 2 days for each module.
Half participants work or operate in National education bramch – teachers or members of the Réserve citoyenne – the other half in local authorities – municipalities, Toulouse Metropolitan City and Region – and NGOs.

At the end of the training, participants developed specific skills on the issues of the project: migration, development and human rights.

Find at these links the training material (in French only):

- M1: Cooperation Development and Human Rights

- M2: Geopolitical history of migrations

- M3: Migrants contribution to local and national economy

- M4: Inter-cultural Diversity management